Have you ever gone through the dilemma of buying someone a gift and when you finally come to a decision, it’s not making anyone happy? With everything now available at the click of a button, buying gifts online is no doubt, pretty convenient. If only choosing the right gift was as easy! You’re left constantly pondering over whether the receiver will like it or not or if all your time, energy, and money will go in vain.

Well, with every individual’s taste being different, there’s only one way to escape from all the contemplation, and yet gift someone the perfect gift— al giftcards! With al giftcards, gone are the days when “the perfect gift” did not exist. Gift cards make a lot more sense because it definitely is going to be your gift, yet their pick. It will be a gift that is sure to speak volumes.

What is al giftcards?

al giftcards, yes, all small letters, is an online shopping site for gift cards, which provides you with the ultimate shopping solutions. It will definitely be your go-to thing during all your shopping dilemmas. Besides, you can send someone a gift card and gift them the freedom to buy whatever they want through gift cards in UAE, and your purpose is served just!

With al giftcards, you get access to hundreds of brand options to choose from, in a flexible price range.  You can order your gift cards from different brand stores effortlessly.

Why al giftcards?

From versatile global brands to the best UAE-based houses, we have it all. You can buy the gift cards at your convenience and give your dear ones the liberty to buy something of their choice and needs. With so many top brands available here, you will never run out of options while looking for the ideal gift cards on our website. Cherry on top, our gift card options range from a minimum of 50 bucks up to 5000 bucks. So your options are truly unlimited here.

Visit us and surprise yourself with our exciting gift cards and amazing cashback offers. There’s always more good news for students. Students shopping with us can enjoy an exceptional rebate on gift cards.

Brands to die for

Here at al giftcards, we have a refined assortment to fill up the taste of every shopper. We showcase brands that cover everyday lifestyle needs, high-end fashion, stylized home-decor, technological inventions, basic personal care and beauty products, and many more.

Bottom line, whatever it is that you think might make for a pretty good gift brand, you can find it with us. Buy a suitable gift card of your desired brand and give your dear ones a chance to experience a mesmerizing shopping experience.

A gift for every occasion

Not all gifts suit all occasions. We understand how important giving an appropriate gift during festive times can be. That is why we feature separate brands and gift cards suitable for different occasions. You can personalize a birthday gift with your preferred brand’s gift cards. You can also choose multiple gift cards for wedding affairs or anniversary events.

Further, we organize special offers in correspondence to our partner brands for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year, and many more. There are options for buying gift cards in a bunch which can get you even more discounts. So, it is all a win-win situation.

Skeptical about payments?

Why Al GiftCard

We understand the one and only worry people have regarding buying gift cards online is the security aspect. Here at al giftcards, you need not worry about payment risks or fraudulent brands. Customer safety and privacy are our highest priority and we verify our partner brands beforehand along with arranging for secured transactions through trusted third-party payment gateways. All your information will be thoroughly encrypted and safe with us. So go on and shop without any worries!

How to buy gift cards from al giftcards?

Why Al GiftCard

Your long and tiresome moments of gift-hunting can finally come to an end if you choose to buy gift cards from our website. All you need to do is follow these basic steps:

  • Log in to our website (or app) with your registered user profile. If you are not an existing customer, get yourself registered within just a minute.
  • Browse through the different shopping categories to find out what kind of gift vouchers you want to purchase. Or else, you can directly go to the brand pages and select from their gift card options if you may.
  • You can either select gift cards applicable in physical stores or you can select e-gift cards as well.
  • Add your preferred denomination for the gift card and select ‘add to cart’. You can add multiple gift cards at the same time as well.
  • Add the preferred email address where the gift card will be sent. You can select the receiver’s address for direct delivery.
  • Next, pay for the gift card price online. You can choose a valid debit or credit card to pay for the voucher.
  • Once the voucher is paid for, you will be redirected to our website. You can check your successfully placed orders from the ‘My Orders’ section anytime you want.

How to retrieve gift cards?

Why Al GiftCard

Retrieving gift cards purchased from our website just as simple as gifting them. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Depending on the nature of your gift card, you can shop online or offline from the gift card brand stores. If it is a specific e-gift voucher, it will be valid for online purchases only.
  • Go to the online brand store directly or open the verified link from our website.
  • Select your desired product. The options are usually unrestricted, so you are free to choose anything they offer.
  • After you add the product to your cart and are ready to buy it, look for the gift card voucher section.
  • Your gift card will contain a unique code that you need to put into the specified box while paying for the product.
  • After you put the code, the gift card amount will be automatically adjusted with your purchase amount.
  • You can make partial or full payment of your products, depending on the brand conditions.
  • In the case of physical store payments, hand over the gift voucher to your billing executives and they will take care of the rest.

All win-win

Why Al GiftCard

Shopping has never been as easy as it is with al giftcards. We have exclusive deals customized for different choices. By allowing your loved ones to choose from a wide range of leading brands across products and services, you not just pamper them with plenty of choices but also show you care because you want to give them what they really want. Summing up, al giftcards is the “perfect gift” for everyone and every occasion too! So, grab your best deals today before they are sold out! Happy shopping!