The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us. In the United Arab Emirates, it will begin on 22nd March 2023 and end on the evening of 21st of April 2023. To help you celebrate this month, we have found Ramadan gift ideas that are perfect for you and your loved ones.

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Ramadan Gift Ideas for you to choose from


Ramadan gifts

Help them wow their guests or add meaning to their prayer time. The list of Ramadan gift ideas will allow you show your utmost respect to the Holy month as well as your care about the recipient. We have chosen everything from the home of everything, Amazon. ae. Now, let’s go, impress your loved ones.

1. Prayer rugs

Prayer rug

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Adding to their prayer time is the right way to show your love this Ramadan. Prayer rugs hold great significance in peoples homes while offering prayers. Get them this light weight and beautiful prayer rug like this for your loved ones this Ramadan from Amazon.

2. Sweets

Ramadan special sweets

Get your Oriental Sweet box here

Sweets are excellent Ramadan gift ideas. Iftar is incomplete with treats. You can choose from the large array of sweets and platters from Amazon or get this oriental box of sweets from Amazon.

3. Quran Stand

quran stand

Get your wooden Quran stand here

A wooden folding stand for their prayer time. It can be a small size, just enough to fit in their room, for a personal time for reverence.

4. Lights

Decorative lights

Get Decorative lights from here

Window curtains filled with 138 moon and star lights. The warm white light is an amazing addition to your home or work place as Ramadan decor.

5. Iftar and Suhoor marking board

Ramadan gift ideas

A marking board to keep track of the days as well as the timing of iftar and suhoor times for each day during Ramadan. This piece is made up of wood, which is durable and environmentally friendly.

6. Lanterns

Letting go of lanterns this Ramadan is not acceptable at all. Let their home shine with the essence of love and prayer, this Ramadan. You can choose from hundreds of lanterns and lamp options from Amazon.

7. Dry fruits and nuts

dry fruits and nuts

Get Premium dry fruits and nuts here

Dry fruits and nuts can be an excellent addition to their meal to break the fast. Dates are especially recommended as it contains a high content of natural sugars, converted to energy by liver very quickly. At the end of fasting the whole day, the body is weakened and cannot digest complex meals.

8. Ramadan Moon Table light

ramadan gift ideas

Liven up the living space with this wooden table lamp. This festive decoration of Ramadan will a new feeling and good mood. A show piece or decorative item like this one will make a good decor by your bedside table or living area.

9. Prayer Beads

Islamic prayer beads

Get Islamic prayer beads here

Add meaning to their prayer time by gifting them prayer beads. Get good quality Islamic prayer beads like this one made of genuine Agate stone.

10. Ramdan Advent Calender

Ramadan event calendar

The 30 days Ramadan Advent Calendars are the perfect Ramadan gift idea for kids. Counting down the days of Ramadan becomes much more fun for the kids.

11. Portable Namaz Prayer Rug

Namaz rugs

Get Portable prayer rugs here 

Do you know someone who is traveling during this Ramadan? These mini pocket portable prayer rugs are the perfect Ramadan gift ideas.

12. Alwan Kareem Towel Set

Alwan Kareem towel set

Get Alwan Kareem towel set here

A very special gift during home visits in Ramadan. The 100% premium velvety white cotton towel texture becomes an amazing decoration in the guest bathroom during iftar invitations to bring the spirit of the holy month into your home. 

13. Smokeless candle Set

ramadan gift ideas

This Bath and Body Works candle gift set includes 8 tins of a Jar candle. You have Lemon, Fig, Lavender, Spring Fresh, Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Bergamot. As it is made from natural soy wax and pure-grade natural aromatherapy essential oils, each candle gives off a peaceful and pleasant smell, fresh the air, and relaxes your body.

Each ingle-Wick Candle burns approximately 18- 20 hours. Also, once it is fully burnt, these tins can be reused as a decorative storage container. Perfect gift for any occasion. 

14. Hanging Decor Chain

Car hanging chain

Get decorative chain here

This is a beautiful round metal pendant, with the names of Allah and the prophet Muhammad, written in Arabic, a hanging chain and beautifully decorated chain tassel. It can be hanged on the rearview mirror of your car or truck or hanging on the wall door, window, or furniture for your house decoration. 

15. Amazon Giftcards

amazon gift card

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Still not sure, if your choices are the right Ramadan gift ideas, we have a solution. Gift cards are convenient, easy, and accessible to every age group. You can choose Amazon gift cards with the right denominations according to your budget.


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