Life did take an unexpected turn in 2020. “stay safe” became more than just a phrase. In the era of social distancing, how do you show your loved ones that you care and think of them in these difficult times? al giftcards presents a stay safe giftcards, the easiest way to show them that you care.

With 19,981,645 cases(as of August 8, 2020) worldwide affecting 213 countries, COVID-19 has shown the true meaning behind the phrase. Thank God, for the technology-driven world, it’s not impossible to send across greetings and giftcards despite the pandemic.

If you are thinking why giftcards? Then let us show you why al Giftcards is the perfect gifts to exist today. Better now, because we added online stay safe giftcards in the mix.

Gift ideas pairing with online stay safe giftcards


Stay safe and protect your loved ones at the same time! That’s the goal. Don’t you worry, we got the perfect gift ideas to stay safe during this pandemic. 

Living room makeover

Online stay safe giftcards

You have lived inside your house more than ever, thanks to the lockdown. Let’s ask you something. Where do you and your family spend the most time? The LIVING ROOM. Now, you’re quite literally living in the room.

Your living room may be spacious and you don’t need any changes. But! A Huge But! You can get a living room makeover happen at someone’s house and their kids can jump all they want!

Have online stay safe giftcards from Homebox help you out. With these, they can pick out the essentials for a great living room with their taste.

Workout challenge

Online stay safe giftcards

We have the living room makeover, why not have a Splash living room workout Challenge? You can send the online stay safe giftcards from Splash for the right athleisure wear.

Improve the respiratory, cardiovascular, and overall health to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the risk of diseases, the living room challenge is going to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Not just sterilizer, UV sterilizer!

Online stay safe giftcards

Hey hey hey! If you don’t know about UVGI (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) of disinfection or UV sterilizer, you are being left behind. Don’t be scared, think about the UV rays. These are meant to sterilize, not harm you, okay?

UVGI disinfection method is more effective than any other. Don’t believe me? Let’s go about this scientifically. UV light can kill a wider array of harmful organisms. It can also destroy mold and spores. Thank you!

You can send your loved ones, noon online stay safe giftcards. They can get their hands on any other safety products they need as well.

Staycation for the kids

Online stay safe giftcards

The restrictions are easing up, malls and other public places are opening. But, the educational institutions are still on hold. Your child is bored out of his/her mind. You probably know it by now. Everybody knows it by now.

If you don’t have a kid, lucky for you! You don’t have to pull your hairs out. You may know someone close to you who aren’t that lucky. How about you send them a Namshi online stay safe giftcards, to make the little one’s staycation more fun? So that they stay safe and entertained.

Help the mums out!

Online stay safe giftcards

Oh, it’s hard the mums right now. Especially, the ones who are new to motherhood. When you tell a mother to be safe, it means you are it to the whole family.

Why don’t you start by gifting online stay safe giftcards from Mumzworld. They have the best baby care essentials and maternity products.

Satisfying the cravings

Online stay safe giftcards

Everyone has a favorite dish from their favorite restaurant. If you say no, you’re lying. The bad news, restaurants, and cafes are on a halt. The good news, your food is not!

Deliveroo has got your back in satisfying the cravings. Send the online stay safe giftcards from Deliveroo to your loved ones and put a huge grin on their face.

Stay home, stay safe. Don’t worry, these dark times will pass too. Take the proper precautions. Tell your loved ones to do it, force them. Also, ensure to have fun at home.

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