Fashion gifts for men can be a little tricky especially if you are not aware of the style quotient they are devoted to. Let’s face it, versatility is not every man’s best forte.  But, here’s a thought; what can be better than experimenting and gifting something unique that they generally might not plan to buy for themselves? To choose some unique bunch of gift items al gift cards bring to you some amazing alternatives for fashionable men. At al giftcards, we help you find the best online gift cards for 100+ brands.                                                                                       

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 1. Fanny Packs                                             


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These easy-to-carry small bag helps carry everything necessary. The best part is, just tie it around your waist or across your shoulder. They may not have an idea how useful this bag is in day-to-day life, especially when traveling. Documents, identity cards, wallets, sanitizer, and everything required while traveling can easily fit into it. A Fanny pack might just make a man’s life easier. They will surely thank you for it.

2. A Leather Wallet

leather wallet

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Even accessories define a man’s style quotient. So, a wallet is something where men keep everything they value, be it their credit cards or a picture of their loved ones. A leather wallet is not only fashionable but also a very durable gift. Men generally don’t buy themselves a wallet and keep using the same old one until it completely withers off. Receiving a new wallet will keep them prepared for a welcomed change.

3. Cologne


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Dress to impress just doesn’t include clothing, shoes, or accessories. A good perfume renders confidence just walking in through the door. An amazing cologne completes a man who wants himself to look all presentable. Surveys say that men generally use a deodorant. But the smell of deodorant fades off easily. Instead, a cologne is long-lasting and is best for occasions, special days, and dates. Men might just use the cologne on important days. The scent will remind them of how thankful they are to you for this. 

 4. Tie & Dye T-shirts 

unique men's gift

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How about experimenting with colors? Most men won’t have an idea of Tie & Dye; but they are bound to love a unique, colorful t-shirt that they can wear on the weekend just to Netflix or vacation. Mostly, Tie & Dye is done on cotton t-shirts and makes a great summer-time gift. So, an easy-breezy cotton t-shirt with some soothing, yet vibrant colors would be best for the summers and also would scream, “weekend is here.”

5. Smartwatch


smart watch in unique men's gift

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Smartwatches make a stylish gift for someone who is fashionable and nerdy. There’s no shortage of smartwatches in the market, but you could filter the best smartwatches for men.  A smartwatch will help them monitor their phones while also helping them in their fitness journey. Presently, smartwatches are one of the most useful gadgets. It adds up to whatever outfit they plan to wear.

6. Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer in unique mens gift

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A well-groomed man is also seen as someone fashionable. Men generally tend to use razors for their beards or end up at the salon. Gift them a beard trimmer to style themselves at home. Trimmers come with different blades delivering different beard styles. This would be the best gift for a man who likes to be well-groomed all the time and has a special love for his beard. 


7. Ethnic Wear

ethnic wear in men's unique gifts

Once in a blue moon men decide to go for ethnic wear, when the occasion calls. Just before such events, they shop for ethnic wear. So, why not keep them well prepared in advance? Get your man a complete ethnic attire, which he can rely on when suddenly such occasions come up and they have no time to shop. Ethnic wear is something men have the least in their wardrobe. So, when you gift them one, they will remember who it was from and how unique and special a gift it is. 

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