Regardless of industry, sector, or occupation, work from home has become the new normal. No matter what the situation, working from home is the norm for the majority now. So here are some great gifts for those who work from home. These gifts for workaholics will surely make life easier and comfortable for them!

al giftcards is here to assist you to have the perfect gifting experience. You want to see nothing less than a million-dollar smile on the faces of your loved ones. So here are all the things you can gift to help these passionate workaholics have an organized and comfortable work experience.

Gifts for those who Work From Home

Here are the 10 best gifts for those who work from home. Make the workaholics in your life happy and pleased!

Comfortable Back Rest Pillow

backrest pillow

Price: AED 130

Sitting in the same posture and place all day causes unbearable backaches and discomfort. So the best thing to get for such aches is a comfortable backrest preferably made of foam. These backrests are of great help and we assure you, this will be the best gift for those who work from home.

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Low back computer chairs are the way to go

low back chair: best gifts for those who work from home

Price: AED 329

Another great way to make up for the backaches and bad posture is a low-back computer chair. These chairs will help get posture correct as they spend hours on their computers! Workaholics tend to compromise on their health so take care of them. 

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Coffee makers to reboot and refresh!

coffee makers: gifts for those who work from home

Price: AED 479

Everyone needs a wave of energy after working long hours. What’s better than a nice cup of coffee to reboot and have the energy to go on? Get a coffee maker for the workaholics and join in for some coffee time during their break hours. This gift for those who work from home will beat it all! Your loved ones will surely owe you for the “me time” you bought them. Here are some of the best coffee makers.

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Wi-Fi Extender is one of the ultimate gifts for those who work from home

wifi exterder

Price: AED 36

Everyone faces the issue of bad WiFi in some parts of the house. If your workaholic faces it too, here is the best thing you can gift. A WiFi Extender is a device that repeats the wireless signal from your router and expands its coverage. This is a great gift for those who work from home. Give them the liberty of working from every part of the house without worrying about the WiFi connection.

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Loungewear is a comfortable gift for those who work from home

Loungewear for workaholics

Price: AED 146

A comfortable set of loungewear is a must-have for all those who mostly stay in for work. Work from home rids you the need to dress up for the office and gives you the luxury to work in your comfortable pajamas. Now that you are gifting the workaholics, a new and extra comfortable loungewear is a must! This is one of the best gifts for those who work from home. Look for something soft and breathable. Make sure the clothing is easy to move around in.

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Table Lamps: Gifts for those who work from home

Table lamp: best gifts for those who work from home

Price: AED 99

Working in a place with good lighting is very important. This helps reduce stress on the eyes and helps avoid massive eye damage. While looking for a place with good lighting is easy during the daytime, work can go up to long hours. So help out the workaholics with a great table lamp. This is the perfect gift got those who work from home!

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Lifestyle Gift Card

Skin refining and home spa products for some chill time

home spa: gifts for those who stay at home

Working all day from home can take a massive toll on the skin and cause stress like never before. Especially if your workaholic has a very stressful routine and little time to chill and cool off, they surely deserve a grooming session.

You can get them a nice set of fragrant bath essentials or some products for a nice hair spa treatment at home! Me>Work should be the key in all our lives. However, Workaholics might forget to implement that. Help them out and be a savior!

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Bed tables for those who can’t get off their bed

Bed table



Price: AED 79

We all have some of those lazy days when we don’t want to step out of the bed. However, work can’t wait. In such cases, what’s better than the luxury to sit on your bed and work? The list of great gifts for those who work from home is incomplete without a bed table. Furthermore, nowadays you even get these tables with extra storage compartments!

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File organizers will help them avoid the mess

File organisers: best gifts for those who stay at home

Price: AED 89

Dealing with an uncountable number of documents and keeping track of each and every one of them is hard. Make work easy for those who work from home. Get them a file folder! This will help them keep their papers from work in an organized fashion and avoid all the mess. So now help them set up an office space at home and keep it organized.

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Table organizers, pen stands, and stationary

Table Organizers

Price: AED 79


Help those workaholics maintain their tables and workspaces. Keeping everything neat and arranged is a must to make things easier while working. So get them some products to help organize their workspace. A good quality penholder and a collection of pens and stationery are all essentials while working from home!

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Gifts for those who work from home are simple. You don’t always have to give grand gifts to make them happy! All you really need to prove is that you care.