Eid celebrations are on the way! Eid ul-Fitr is scheduled for 12th May 2021. Celebrating with your friends and family after the Holy Month of Ramadan is certainly a blessing. Are you planning to surprise your loved ones with something they might just love? Well, there’s no need to worry about trying to find the perfect gifts anymore. We got you the perfect Eid gifts guide to add fun to the festivities.

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The ultimate Eid gifts guide

We have chosen the best Eid gifts across every category and budget for you. Be it clothing, accessories, tech, or home decor, you have the option to choose your own budget, all in one place! Why go anywhere when you have the one-stop-shopping destination, Amazon.ae. Let’s get ready to surprise your loved ones.

1. Holiday sweet and Snacks

Eid gift guide

Eid literally translates into a feast! How can the Eid gift guide be complete without dessert? Choose from the wide range of Holiday sweets and snacks from Amazon. It can prove to be a very thoughtful gift for the host if you’re attending an Eid celebration. Also, no kid in the world has been disappointed with sugary treats.

2. Electric Water Kettle

Eid gift guide

Get ready to enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones. We chose the Sunfuny electric kettle to include in the Eid gift guide, because, unlike other kettles that use plastic on the inner lid, they have a full body stainless steel construction. The built-in thermometer gives you the exact temperature so that the tea or coffee is perfect. You get an automatic switch on and off system for your safety!

Price: AED 192

3. Calligraphy Wooden Quran Stand

Eid gift guide

If you’re looking for something to gift to your elders, this beautiful wooden Quran stand can be the perfect match. A thoughtful gift to congratulate your loved ones on completing the Holy month with prayers and fasting. Be a part of their prayer time with something that will add value to their worship.

Price: AED 49.99

4. Bakhoor BoSidin – Ceramic Incense Burner

Eid gift guide

Gift them a peaceful and relaxing aromatherapy experience with Bakhoor Ceramic Incense Burner. An elegant piece to add to the living space. Burning incense can help in reducing anxiety, improve mood and work efficiency. Show your love with this unique and elegant incense holder for this Eid.

Price: AED 34.50

5. Natural Coconut Acai Bowl

Eid gift guide

Gift them good health, with a natural and sustainable bowl set. You can choose the Natural Coconut Acai Bowl, which comes from the forest of Vietnam, and goes through a process of being cut, cleaned, sanded with virgin coconut oil finish. You are also supporting local Vietnamese Artisans, helping and charity are the essence of Eid.

It is packaged in a drawstring linen bag that includes two coconut bowls, two spoons, two forks, and a free healthy recipe, and a gift card. It is a plastic-free alternative, made from reclaimed coconut shells and wooden ebony spoons and forks. Check out more Eid gift ideas.

AED 69

6. Marble Jewelry Box

Eid gift guide

A classy gift for the aesthetic ones to store their dainty jewelry pieces or just small trinkets. How is this box different? This marble jewelry box is made with 100% marble and crafted by skilled artisans at Lamac Crafts in UAE. Each piece is unique due to the marble variations in color and veins. 

Price: AED 150


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