We hope the holiday spirit is blessing you abundantly with joy and happiness! Giving is the essence of holidays, and if you missed out on gifting to your loved ones, we think you still have time. Win their hearts and surprise them with these last-minute holiday gifts!

The holiday season can be stressful. Running between baking, decorating, and preparing can make you slip through some gifts, and we are not judging. A last-minute to the mall cannot be helped so, why welcome the stress that comes with choosing the last-minute holiday gift as well?

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Last-minute holiday gifts

1. Fresh fruit basket

last minute holiday gift

You can easily DIY it yourself, choose their favorite fruits, and make a healthy and pretty fruit basket. It is the perfect last-minute holiday gift, as it shows a promise of good health and immunity. Immunity is the number one priority in these difficult times! Remember to add a lot of citrus fruit for them to get all the vitamin C they need!

Tip: Look for local vendors for the fresh fruits and you can buy them in bulk for as many gifts as you have missed. Again, no judging. It is already a commendable thought of you looking to fill up the misses with good gifts for your loved ones.

2. Mini projector for the holiday movie night

last minute holiday gifts

Forgot the gift? Be the star for the holiday movie marathon. Surprise them with a mini projector for them to use on every marathon or a movie night. You can find a simple, compact, and efficient mini projector from the wide array on Amazon.

If you are not sure about the type they may prefer, you can choose Amazon gift cards instead. With your budget, choose a gift card and they will choose the gift from you!

3. Winter Skincare box

Last minute holiday gift

Winter can become harsh for the skin, why not, help them combat it with the best skincare products? You can either help them stock up on the skincare products that they have been using or get something that you think suits their skin the best. Check out some quiz, if you’re confused, or ask them directly for their usual skincare routine.

Do check their preferences and skin type before getting them anything skin related. It is important to cautious of what goes directly on the skin. You can get a wintertime essential skincare box from Amazon, Bath&Body works, they even have a special holiday exclusive edition.

4. Sheet mask subscription

holiday gift


You can buy them a subscription box of sheet masks and a little self-loving from Amazon.com. FaceTory – Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Subscription Box comes with 7 luxury sheet masks for the first box. They can continue with the subscription or just enjoy the first box that you gift them. God knows, sheet masks are relaxing and a must for a skin detox. 

On that note, you can attach an Amazon gift card so that they can continue the subscription for the whole year. If they don’t want to, they can use it on something they need. The Amazon gift cards are valid for a whole year so you don’t have to worry about them not using them. Also, you can send it in different currencies including AED, GBP, USD, and SAR. That means, wherever you are, you can send your love to your close ones.

5. Pretty Faux pullovers

last minute holiday gift


A warm fuzzy and pretty pullover can hit the right spot for the holiday season. Kirundo Faux Warm Pullover in a tie-dye dark blue ticks all the right boxes on the list. You can look out for other pretty yet practical clothing items as well. A blanket or weighted blanket specifically can be the right choice for the winter. 

Finding more ways to give for this holiday season

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Have an amazing time for this Holiday season with your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. Shop with us to find the best Christmas Gift cards at the right prices and spread happiness with your ultimate gifting experience! Follow us so that you don’t have this last-minute stress ever again.