Hey, don’t let this special day end with just chocolate and flowers. Find unique gifts for Valentine’s Day with us that matches the uniqueness of your awesome relationship! Add a twist of modern love into the gifts for a memorable day.

At al giftcards, we help you find the best online gift cards from all the brands that you love! Visit us at any time around the year for any occasion for the ultimate gifting experience. We have already created a curated list for thoughtful Valentine’s gift for a perfect date, if you are a romantic yourself.

Unique gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentines day gifts

A perfect gift for any occasion would be gift cards that they can use at any given time. For today, we have chosen a set of unique gifts for Valentine’s Day, from Amazon.ae. You can gift them Amazon gift cards in addition to your choice of gifts. Gift cards give them the freedom to choose exactly what they need. Now without further ado, let’s get into the list of unique gifts for Valentine’s day.

1. VR gaming console for the Gamers

Gifts for Valentine's Day

We are pretty sure that gamers would go bonkers around it. Doesn’t matter if it is for the girl or the guy, you both can spend your game night together with a gaming headset in the play! The Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Gaming Console, is our best choice in this category. Price: AED 2209

You won’t require a PC, you get Oculus touch controllers and Oculus Insight tracking technology. That’s not the only thing, you get Integrated VR audio along with 64GB of internal memory. What are you waiting for? Have fun with incredible VR games and plan that game night. 

2. A Kindle for the readers

Gifts for Valentine's day

The all-new Kindle (10th gen) is ready to be on that wishlist of your special one. Price: AED 359. Anyone who loves reading, and never have enough space for their books while travelling. Get them all the books in one device! The adjustable front light will let them read comfortably for hours—indoors and outdoors, day and night.

It is built for reading, the 167 PPI glare-free display is the proof of that. The display lets them read like real paper, even in direct sunlight. A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours. They can browse over 1 million eBooks in the Kindle Store on Amazon US, including thousands of Arabic titles. You can even highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words and adjust text size. 

Now, if we have book lovers in the house, don’t you worry, there are enough books to make their day! The readers week is live on Amazon, so you can easily get 15% of all the books.

3. Nutricook Air Fryer for the Cooks

Unique gifts for Valentine's Day

Have a chef as your partner? Oh, you lucky! You can help them get their hands on delicious cooking with a healthier approach. We chose the Nutricook Air fryer oven from Nutribullet as the perfect new addition to your kitchen. Price: AED 599.00

The rapid air technology will make you get your share of fried food, with no guilt and 80% less fat. Also, it is not just an air fryer, you can use it as convection oven, rotisserie over and dehydrator all-in-one. Just choose one of the 8 one-touch presets for perfectly cooked food, every single time. No need to track the exact time and temperature. 

4. Fitness tracker for the Fitness conscious

Unique gifts for Valentine's Day

Have a fitness freak as your partner surely has it’s ups and downs. Give them a means to track their physical state and the work they put in, also, when they are over doing it. We chose the Xiaomi Band 5 Smart Fitness Bracelet (Price: AED 101) with the heart rate monitor and latest Bluetooth 5.0.

The large 1.1″ dynamic color-display helps keep all the tracking in one screen. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor exercise with 11 professional sports modes. The all-new women’s health tracking helps you track the Menstrual cycle and provide notifications, throughout. Just, help them fully monitor their heart rate, sleep and physical state with a simple touch.

That’s all we have got for the Unique gifts for Valentine’s day. Is there something more unique in your mind? Do let us know. Follow our blogs and make sure to have the best gifting ideas for all the occasions that are coming up.


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