There are people out there who are working diligently every day, not wasting a single minute and finishing all their work before time. Do you believe that? People like that exist! You may be one or you may have some of those individuals in your life. To make your gifting experience a little easier, we found super useful gifts for workaholics that will make their work easier and a little less stressful. Gift it to yourself or someone like that in your life.

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Useful Gifts for Workaholics

People unnecessarily make being a workaholic seem bad. In reality, they are ones who have mastered time management skills, intrinsic motivation, and better communication skills. Contrary to popular belief, they actually have low work and life stress overall. You may just need to pull up your socks a little bit.

Today, we have chosen this list of gifts for workaholics from Amazon! If you think the list doesn’t quite match the vibe or liking of the person receiving it, you can always opt for Amazon giftcards instead. It is convenient, easy, and can easily fit your budget. They may just like it a bit more, because of the choice they get.

1. Work Planner

gifts for workaholics

Help them get more organized and ready with their plans with work planners. We chose the magnetic reusable planner, because of its practical approach. You can choose from the large collection of work planners from Amazon to match their exact needs. From paperbacks, boards to tiny post-it, you can find everything. We suggest reusable planners, wasting paper is a sin.

Price: AED 59.99

2. Self-stirring mug

gifts for workaholics

Now, if you haven’t heard them complain about the cold coffee every now and then, trust me they are not the workaholic you think they are. They will forget about their coffee because of their time logs and will remember to complain about it. You can help them out by introducing Self Stirring mugs in their life!

These mugs feature fluid self-stirring technology, a premium quality fluid motor works promptly upon the press of a button. It is easy to clean, keeps the track of temperature, and keeps the track of the temperature. What more do you need? 

Price: AED 20- wherever your budget ends.

3. Acrylic organizers

gifts for workaholics

Who doesn’t love a well-organized workspace? Why be basic when they can choose from a wide range of acrylic organizers from Amazon. These can prove as excellent gifts for workaholics, as they keep time management as a serious issue, this will help them save time and know about their supplies.

We specifically chose this rose gold desk organizer set because of its sleek design and eye-catching factor. What do you get in this set?

  • A pencil container cup/counter-top vase
  • A tape dispenser
  • An adhesive tape
  • Cube memo note pads holder
  • A heavy-duty stapler
  • 960x red copper stables (1 box)
  • Marble white magnetic paper clips holder,
  • 100x paperclips.

Price: AED 245

4. Keyboard cover

gifts for workaholics

Clumsiness and accidents do not spare anyone, not even the most diligent and careful worker. You can choose the right keyboard covers as gifts for workaholics as well. We are sure they will be thanking you for saving their hard work and laptop from an accidental slip of the coffee mug.

You can choose according to their laptop model and design. It is dust-proof, durable, and waterproof. Adding a layer of protection and style to their daily workday!

Price: AED 30-40 (Average)

5. Cute humidifiers

gifts for workaholics

A humidifier needs to exist on their work desk. Bonus points if it is a cute one. We chose the cactus design humidifiers as gifts for workaholics. Easy to fit anywhere and elevates the look of the workspace. A USB chargeable outlet, with 4 hours automatic power-off protection. 

It is safe and easy to use with a super quiet and safe design. There will be no noise when you work or even rest. The skin can be softened and moisten, without any trouble. If you feel your hands need so loving, just hold it over the mist!

Price: AED 35- 45 (Average)


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