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Experience a new puzzle video game with TIS-100 Gift Vouchers

Buy TIS-100 gift cards for your enthusiastic gamer friends and family as a holiday gift or on any special occasion.  A programming game/puzzle video game developed by Zachtronics, this game has been released in Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. In the game, the player develops mock assembly language code to perform tasks on a computer that has been corrupted. The game is based on the early computers of the 1980s and is an interesting and unique take on video games. 

Tessellated Intelligence System or TIS 100 presents the player with a set of puzzles that contain cryptic messages related to the narrative of the game. On completing a puzzle you can view the progress of other players and yours on the online leaderboard. The player is ranked and can go back to replay the game and puzzles to better their solution. You can read the blog post for more ideas and information on the game. 

Get this perfect gift card and share the joy of gaming with TIS-100 gift card. Rewrite corrupted code segments to repair the computer system and unlock its secrets. Print the TIS-100 manual, and solve more than 20 puzzles while competing with your peers and the world. Minimize your cycle and node count or design your own challenges in the TIS-100’s 3 sandboxes, which include a visual console that lets you create your game within this game. 

TIS-100 gift cards for the ultimate in-game experience

Uncover the mysteries of the TIS-100 programming game, who created it and what was the purpose behind it?

Get your TIS-100 eGift Cards and share this gaming experience with your dear ones with this gift voucher. This gift card can be redeemed in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, the United States of America, France, and the United Kingdom. Gift this TIS-100 gift card to anyone who loves puzzle video game, and programming game that includes assembly language and enjoys a challenge.

The perfect gift for your gamer friends TIS-100 digital gift cards

Buy TIS100 gift vouchers and other digital gift cards from al giftcards. Available in the denomination of USD 6.99 in many regions, you can gift your friends who live both near or far away. The gift voucher allows the recipient to purchase this game and enjoy the many in-game features that come along with it. This egift card can be sent as a birthday or holiday gift instantly to any person through email. The gift card expires within six months so use this gift voucher while the validity lasts.

How to Get a TIS-100 egift card?

  1. Choose the TIS-100 Gift Card you want to buy from al giftcards.

  2. Verify the terms and conditions.

  3. Now choose the gift voucher amount of the TIS-100 Gift card and select the delivery option.

  4. Click "Buy Now" and You will be redirected to the payment method.

How to Redeem TIS100 Gift Cards?

  1. To redeem your online gift cards visit the TIS-100 official website developed by Zachtronics.

  2. Choose from the available purchase options.

  3. Add the game to cart, sign in and fill in the gift card details during the payment process.

  4.  Check out frequently asked questions for more queries.


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