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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting our website. This is to inform you that the following “Terms and Conditions” are applicable to this site and all its affiliated sites over the Internet. By using, you approve that you are fully aware of the Terms and Conditions. In case of not being compatible to them, you are advised to not access the site. al giftcards holds the authority to update the Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of use thus, we encourage our customers to follow up with them by frequently visiting the website. These updates are put to action on the same day they are posted on the site. By following this action, it will be signified that you approve to be aware of these updated changes. 

1. The Site

By using this Site, you agree to abide by the following site-specific conditions:

1.1 As a standard user, you must not use the gift cards for revenue generation. al giftcards is strictly a B2C platform, and the customer must not indulge in commercial activities, through the services that we offer. 

1.2 Users must refrain from promoting other product/services, marketing endeavours, mass solicitation, and political promotions.

1.3 Some of our service sets are extrapolated by third-party platforms via which the user logs onto this website. Therefore, you must follow the guidelines set by these third-party platforms.

1.4 al giftcards do not guarantee that the application will function on every hardware or software set on offer. Therefore, the user must keep a close eye on the device and hardware specifications before trying to install the same.

1.5 al giftcards can upgrade the application and make changes to the same without any prior intimation. In the presence of an active wireless connection, the application is upgraded automatically. However, the updates might add or minimize the platform’s functionality, while discontinuing certain features without a warning.

1.6 Any form of data access, SMS interactions, and phone-centric services levy charges, and the users need to bear the same, depending on the existing data and calling rates.

1.7 When it comes to maintaining online security standards, the user is always at the centre-stage. It is up to you to restrict usage, depending on requirements and preferences. Moreover, once you start using the application, you are responsible for the data access and unscrupulous usage, provided you end up using unauthorized hardware or software to access the same.

1.8 We can only maintain online security standards if you share genuine information. Most importantly, besides accuracy, you are responsible for the completeness of the details, which can be accessed in case of legal issues. We never support you opting for alter-egos and aliases for accessing our services.

1.9 Once you furnish the truest possible account information, we would try out best to safeguard the same based on our transparent privacy policies. However, we are not obliged to do the same if you do not take precautionary measures for avoiding conflicting and unscrupulous access.

1.10 Our liability concerning information safeguarding, limiting misuse of details and funds, and even third-party thefts usually extend to the recent order. Not just that, any communication is to be initiated electronically for us to have records of the requirements.

1.11 We are also capable of identifying our responsibilities and feel that it is essential for us to detail accurate product descriptions. al giftcards also aims to describe the offerings in the best possible manner while eliminating misleading claims. Anything that is not factual will not find a place at al giftcards.

1.12 If we experience unlawful activities or any violation that has catastrophic consequences to our brand image, we are authorized to take legal actions, either as a conglomerate or as a standalone firm. Under this term of usage, we are authorized to access the usage history, profile, email address, and IP address of the concerned violator.

1.13 al giftcards readily disclaim the responsibility of being liable for lack of reliability, operability, legality, accuracy, completeness of the content, and information availability. Moreover, we also disclaim the catastrophic effects of the application, if any. However, the disclaimer also extends to the product warranties, depending on the nature of our offerings.

1.14 Not just that, even our affiliates are exempted from the liabilities related to claims, injuries, losses, and damages.

2. The User

You assent to utilize the Site to post and transfer only the material that is legitimate. By the method of the model, you accept and embrace that when utilizing the Site, you agree to the following:

2.1 You are an adult (18 years and over), legitimately skilful to go into an authoritative understanding and are not, in any case, precluded from utilizing or getting the service compliant with appropriate law. Minors are not allowed to use the website without adult supervision.

2.2 You must not defame, misuse, annoy, tail, undermine or in any case abuse the lawful privileges of others.

2.3 You must not publish, post, transfer, circulate or spread any improper, profane, disparaging, encroaching, foul, revolting or unlawful subject, name, material or data through any bookmark, tag, or catchphrase. 

2.4 You must not upload documents that contain programming or other material ensured by protected innovation laws except if you own or control the rights thereto or have the required relevant assent.

2.5 You must not upload or circulate records that contain infections, ruined documents, or some other comparable programming or projects that may harm the activity of the Site or another's PC.

2.6 You must not conduct or forward overviews, challenges, fraudulent business models or networking letters.

2.7 You must not download any document posted by another client of a Service that you know, or sensibly should know, cannot be lawfully circulated in such a way.

2.8 You must not falsify or erase any creator attributions, lawful or other legitimate notification or restrictive assignments or marks of the root or wellspring of programming or other material contained in a document that is transferred.

2.9 You must not violate any set of accepted rules or different rules, which might be material for or to a specific Service.

2.10 You must not violate any relevant laws or guidelines for the present in power in or outside UAE.

2.11 You must not violate any of the terms and states of this Agreement or some other terms and conditions for the utilization of the Site contained somewhere else thus. 

2.12 You must not reverse specialist, alter, duplicate, convey, send, show, perform, repeat, distribute, permit, make subsidiary works from, move, or sell any data or programming got from the Site.

2.13 You will exclusively be answerable for keeping up the fundamental PC types of gear and Internet associations that might be required to access, utilize, and execute on the Site. 

2.14 You are additionally under a commitment to utilize this Site for sensible and legitimate purposes and will not enjoy any action that is not imagined through the Site. 

2.15 Any gift card bought through us, for an individual, non-business utilizes just and will not exchange the equivalent to some other individual.

3. Patents  

3.1 All the content on the site (creative graphics, text, audio, videos, etc.) is the reserved property of The Site’s content is protected under the UAE Patent Laws.

3.2 Reproduction and modification of the site content are permissible only under clear consensual circumstances.

3.3 User agrees to not post or publish any material that is not owned by them. 

4. Laws and Jurisdiction 

4.1 Any dispute, question or case emerging out of or regarding this site will be represented and interpreted as per the laws of UAE. The United Arab of Emirates is our nation of habitation. 

4.2 al giftcards do not cater to any of the sanctioned countries as per the Law of UAE.

4.3 The previous contract becomes invalid once a new agreement is signed.

4.4 This contract shall be governed by the laws of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). In the event of any disputes, the matter shall be referred to the DIFC Small Claims Tribunal and/or the DIFC Courts as may be appropriate

5. Payment, Refund and Replacement

5.1 If you make an installment for our items or administrations on our Site, the subtleties you are approached to submit will be given legitimately to our installment supplier through a validation about the association. 

5.2 The cardholder must hold a duplicate of exchange records and Merchant arrangements and rules.