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About al giftcards

Running short of time? Ever found yourself in a puzzling situation of not really knowing what to buy? This is where we step in!

‘al giftcards’ is one of the most popular and rapidly expanding online platforms dealing in electronic gift cards. We are a global e-gift cards platform. 

Think beyond ordinary gifting. Serve the purpose greater than a simple physical gift. At al giftcards, one can easily purchase digital gift cards for fashion stores, online groceries, health products, garden essentials, and what not?

We strive to be the epitome of perfection, customer satisfaction, and the best after-sales experience. We partner with retail and e-commerce stores to link them to our large customer base.

Our Vision

To spread happiness by sending over e-gifts and stretching the arc of a smile even wider by a mere click.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rekindle the culture of digital gift cards where individuals can share their love and appreciation by sending out rewards like gift cards with no hassle and little effort. 

With busy schedules, and no time to buy gifts choose e-gift cards and share over a message or email. Our long-term goal is to simplify the process of buying gifts for loved ones.

Why al giftcards

Convenience: Buy online and your desired Gift is available in a few moments.

Personalized yet Flexible: Blending the thoughtfulness of giving a gift card, with the flexibility and comfort of gifting money. Preferences based on gender and age are also available.

Last-Minute Gifts: Email, text, and print-at-home delivery options make this the perfect last-minute gift for birthdays, graduations, holidays, housewarmings, and more.

Occasions Specific: Special deals for birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties, and other related occasions.

Easy to Redeem: There is no physical gift certificate to carry around or lose. The recipient redeems online and receives the funds anytime. Gifts never expire and there are no monthly fees.

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