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Corporate Gifting

Ideal Solution to your Corporate Gifting Requirement

Accepting a gift is an incredible encounter; it creates a feeling of association with the supplier and also creates constructive relationships with an individual or a brand. Since quite some time now, organizations and advertisers depend on the intensity of gifting solutions to maintain associations with potential and existing customers, to show gratefulness for their business. When utilized as a feature of your general promotional method or representative maintenance endeavors, gifting can be exceptionally powerful regarding ROI and fulfillment.

Modern-day gifting needs require modern solutions. Our e-giftcards are the tool to fulfill your corporate gift cards requirements. Motivate and incentivize your employees, clients, and partners by gifting them through the easiest means. The perfect way of rewarding your team or thanking your customers can be the corporate gifting solution provided by us. 


All You Need to Know

Al giftcards is a platform that empowers your business to obtain, hold, and monetize clients by facilitating you to send advanced gift cards to your clients by means of email or instant message for finishing a particular, directed activity that benefits your business.

We, at al giftcards, realize the significance of strengthened corporate relations. Therefore, we put forward the best corporate gift idea in town. Our corporate gift idea aims to take away the hassle of having to choose a gift for your business affiliates. This way you may save time and logistics to send a gift that may not be useful to them. Simply, place a bulk order with us and let your affiliates choose for themselves. 

Recognizing and appreciating stakeholders at the right time is the key to maintaining successful relations and hence, we provide you with instant delivery of e-giftcards so you don’t miss out on that opportunity. May it be any occasion, festival, performance appraisal or a simple Thank you, make it meaningful by sending a gift card through us. 

We provide you with a variety of brands through our corporate gift suppliers located globally. You have the freedom to choose from the top brands in town and your affiliates will be happy to be a part of your incentivizing technique. You can also benefit from personalized corporate gifts to help make your affiliates feel more heartfelt. 


What do we have for YOU?

al giftcards aims to be your partner throughout your corporate journey therefore, we assist you with all your requirements. 

Appreciate your employees’ performance by sending them an e-giftcard according to your preferred delivery time. You may wish to do it instantly or schedule it for like a week later. Follow the guidelines and place your bulk order and let us take care of the rest. These gifts, particularly when they are of acceptable quality and very much customized, make a sentiment of being esteemed by your boss and cultivate a feeling of having a place and association with the group. These sentiments convert into the way representatives approach their jobs, and the nature of administration they give to outer partners, clients, and possibilities.

Clients also can benefit from our corporate gift cards. It can tell them their business is esteemed, urge them to proceed with their administration or become brand evangelists, and can take your organization back to head-of-mind in situations where it's been some time since the last cooperation.

Choose your custom corporate gifts from a variety of our product range. The categories of our wide product range include fashion and lifestyle, electronics, travel, health and beauty, entertainment, sports and fitness, and so on.