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Witness the Exclusivity of Holistic Shopping With Our Noon UAE eGift Cards 

One-stop online shopping stores are incredibly beneficial, provided you want to minimize the efforts of scrolling through diverse websites and product ranges. Noon is one of the most sought-after websites that allow individuals to browse across a wide range of collections, including electronics, beauty essentials, and even groceries with the latest noon coupon codes, discount codes, and noon coupons.

Most importantly, you can send across a Noon Gift card to a close friend, employee, or family member as a gift or a resource that would minimize the purchase burden on them. A Noon Gift card is valid across every product line that is featured on the website and can be redeemed anytime within three months.

Moreover, you can only send across the gift card code, which is readily identified once the recipient feeds the same into the system and gets the requisite discount on the concerned product. You can also consider a noon gift voucher code for individuals looking for gadgets and branded sportswear but finding it hard to match up with the soaring prices.

However, if you are confused as to how to buy noon gift cards from reliable sources, Al GiftCards is one store to consider. What stands out is that Noon is one store that has a potential gift for every individual, and a Noon eGift card is a perfect gift if you are looking to avoid the hassle of visiting any physical store to get something for the loved ones. So go ahead and get a Noon gift card for your special someone.

How to Get Noon Gift Card?

  1. Choose the Noon Gift Card that you want to Buy from al giftcards.

  2. Verify the terms and conditions first.

  3. Now Choose the value of the Noon Gift Voucher

  4. Buy for yourself or Select the "Send as a Gift" option.

  5. Click "Buy Now", and you will be redirected to the Checkout page.

  6. Alternatively, click "Add to Cart", Select the quantity, and click "Checkout"

  7. .

How to Redeem Noon Gift Card

  1. First, find your Noon e Gift Card Number and Pin from the voucher.

  2. Then Visit Official Noon UAE or Noon KSA Website.

  3. Log in or Sign up at Noon.

  4. Go to "My Accounts" and select "noon credits".

  5. Enter the 16-digit Gift Card number and the 4-digit pin. Click on ‘Redeem’, and the amount will be added to your noon credit balance visible on the payment page.

    Noon Credit Gift Card

    How to Redeem Noon Gift Cards

Noon Gift Cards Usage

Noon Gift Cards can only be redeemed on (UAE and KSA). However, once redeemed, the Gift Card balance can be used on (UAE & KSA,) its affiliates mentioned below (region-specified): 

  1. (UAE & KSA)

  2. noon Food (UAE)

  3. noon Grocery (UAE)

  4. noon Minutes (UAE & KSA)

How to Use my redeemed Noon Gift Card on Sivvi?

  1. Login with the same username and password as

  2. Select a product of your choice

  3. Click on ‘Add To Bag’

  4. Click on ‘Checkout’ and select Shipping Address

  5. On the payment page, select payment method "credits"

How to use redeemed Noon Gift Card on Sivvi?

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For additional questions, you can leave us a message here, and we will get back to you shortly!

Happy shopping!

  1. The Gift Cards are in the form of electronic vouchers and not physical cards.

  2. The Noon Gift Card is available in the AED and SAR currencies only.

  3. In the UAE or KSA, Gift Cards balance in a customer's noon pay cashback balance cannot exceed a limit of 10,000 AED/SAR.

  4. The Gift Card can only be redeemed on;
          a) In the UAE, once redeemed, the Gift Card balance can be used on (UAE), (UAE), noon Food (UAE), noon Grocery (UAE), and/or noon Minutes (UAE).

           In the UAE, once redeemed, the value of the Gift Card will be issued in the applicable customer's noon credits balance on the noon platform and also visible on the checkout page, under the noon credits balance.

          b) In KSA, once redeemed, the Gift Card balance can be used on (KSA), noon Minutes (KSA), and/or (KSA).

          In KSA, once redeemed, the value of the Gift Card will be visible on the checkout page, under the noon credits balance

  5. The Gift Card can also be used for Recharges and/or Bill Payments services on the noon pay-UAE platform.

  6. If a customer would like to use the redeemed Gift Card balance on the noon pay platform and access additional spending touchpoints, then the customer will have to successfully complete the initial KYC process by scanning their Emirates ID.

  7. The Gift Card cannot be replaced, refunded, returned, reloaded, redeemed for more than face value, redeemed for cash, returned for cash, or transferred to another account.

  8. Gift Cards balance cannot be used to purchase goods or services at noon or any noon-affiliated property outside of the currency in which the gift card has been issued.

  9. Gift Cards must be obtained from an authorized third party, and you are responsible for safeguarding your Gift Card number and PIN from unauthorized use.

  10. noon is not liable for any refunds or replacement if the gift card has not been redeemed before the expiry date.


● In the UAE, you can reach us at [email protected] or call 800 25000, from Saturday to Thursday, 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.
● In KSA, you can reach us at [email protected]

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