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Experience visual novel gaming with Eliza Gift cards

Buy Eliza gift vouchers and unfold a new world of gaming for your gamer friends and relatives. Get your online gift voucher/ gift certificate from al giftcards which can be redeemed in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom.

Developed by Zachtronics, Eliza is a visual novel game which is played in single-player mode. This game has been released in Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux and also has a version released for Nintendo Switch. The game revolves around the player Evelyn Ishino- Aubrey, who works as a substitute for the virtual counselling app, Eliza. 

Follow Evelyn’s journey through present-day Seattle as her job requires her to read a script provided to her by AI (artificial intelligence) thus giving her no control of what she says. As she is required to follow the script during her conversations with her clients which includes some old friends and the people from her past, it takes a toll on her. During the course of this game the player can make choices on how the story progresses. 

An exquisitely crafted game with a good storyline and amazing visuals this game is definitely worth every play. Surprise your loved ones with Eliza gift cards and allow them to carry forward the story and restart the chapters of the game with different choices and multiple endings. 

Share the joy of gaming with Eliza gift vouchers

This game is different from other standard game types. This visual novel game would make a unique present for those who are passionate about gaming. Give this gift card as a birthday present for your brother, sister or friend or simply out of the blue, to express love and gratitude. Eliza has received favourable reviews according to Metacritic, the review aggregator. It was also nominated at the 2019 Golden Joystick Awards and the Seumes McNally Grand prize for “Best Storytelling” and the Independent Games Festival awards for “Excellence in Narrative.” There’s no reason why you shouldn’t purchase this gaming Eliza gift card. 


Get your Eliza gift cards from al giftcards

Purchase your Eliza gift card and other online gift cards from al giftcards. Available for redemption online in various denominations and regions, you can gift your friends who live near or far away. The gift voucher will allow the recipient to purchase this game and enjoy the many features that come along with it. Want to take a break from the counselling session the game involves? You can relax and keep yourself occupied by playing the Kabufda solitaire game. This egift card can be sent instantly to any person by email and expires within six months. So use this gift voucher while the validity lasts.


How to Get an Eliza Gift Card?

  1. Choose the Eliza Gift Card you want to Buy from al giftcards.

  2. Verify the terms and conditions.

  3. Now choose the gift certificate amount of the Eliza Gift voucher and select the delivery option.

  4. Click "Buy Now" and You will be redirected to the payment method.


How to Redeem Eliza Gift Cards?

  1. To redeem your online gift cards visit the Eliza official website developed by Zachtronics.

  2. Choose from the available purchase options.

  3. Add the game to cart, sign in and fill in the gift card details during the payment process.

  4.  Check out frequently asked questions for more queries.


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