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STC (Viva)

STC (Viva)
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    Send phone credit home or Top Up your own phone with our easy, fast and secure mobile recharge service.

STC Viva Top Ups- Instant Refill of Prepaid Balance 

STC Viva Recharge brings you the perfect opportunity to interact and communicate with your friends without any glitches. Viva Recharge is easy and instant, ensuring that it reaches your mobile number account in a jiffy without any hindrance when you refill the balance amount. The STC Viva Recharge website and app were established to help users and customers find their immediate solution of crediting the balance amount to their mobile account. Why look or search millions of websites and plans, when STC Viva provides you with the best plans under the leading mobile operators in the town. At al giftcards, we take this process to a higher notch, by offering you seamless and instant balance amount refill options from Viva Recharge

Viva Recharge For the Phone Fanatics

Just like water is indispensable for life, our phones have become a go-to and quintessential for our daily lives as well. Be it for work or entertainment purposes, we cannot do without our phones. Hence, the most significant requirement we all have is to get a data plan and a talk-time and SMS package that keeps us afloat when indulging in entertainment or speaking to our loved ones on a video call, valid for 30 days or more. When you get your data balance at Viva, you can choose data plans which provide you with unlimited streaming and call minutes local, national and international. Browse and find out the plan that helps you stay connected to your work or friends and get an instant refill with us. 

How To Recharge Your Viva Prepaid Balance? 

Have you ever been in a situation where your balance runs out when you are on an important call? It is really tiresome to browse through millions of websites to avoid hidden amounts on recharge or get hold of the operator you are connected to. Let us make this simple and seamless for you. Enter the mobile phone number when you browse STC Viva Recharge and choose the plan that deems fit. Once you enter the necessary details that we require, we will instantly get your amount refilled by the time you blink your eyes. Yes, it is that quick and simple.  Browse the plans and find out the recharge plan that fits you best and is valid for 30 days or 90 days. You can also use our website to recharge your friend’s mobile number or transfer an immediate credit balance. 

Viva Recharge for Business and Personal Numbers 

Getting your mobile number balance amount refilled be it for a business mobile number or personal number, is easy with us. STC Recharge has categorized business and personal number prepaid recharge to make it more user-friendly. Choose the plan that fits your work or personal routine and enter the number on the recipient’s number tab on our page. We use a safe and high-end encrypted payment gateway to ensure your safety and privacy at all times. Once the number is entered, pick the plan and pay accordingly. The entire process takes less than five minutes!

For additional questions, you can leave us a message here, and we will get back to you shortly!

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