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    Send phone credit home or Top Up your own phone with our easy, fast and secure mobile recharge service.

Bring the World to Yourself with Now Mobile Online Top Up

We all need a fast and reliable mobile network that will help us keep our communications hassle-free. We have got good news for UK customers as now you can enjoy the best of telecommunication services from Now Mobile. Be it long hours over the phone or binge-watching on your favourite TV series; Now Mobile will bring you the most effective mobile top-up plans. And now you do not have to worry about running out of mobile Talktime or data balance. Here at al giftcards, we have created the fastest online recharge platform where you can get the right plans to top up your Now Mobile number. So, be on your way and choose the online top-up card for Now Mobile from us!

Reasons to Choose Now Mobile Top Up Voucher

Now Mobile is powered by EE Network services, one of the most popular and largest network providers in the United Kingdom. Now Mobile does not only provide you with the fastest 4G data connection but also offers the best deals on mobile top-up plans. The best part about being a Now Mobile customer is that you do not need to stick to your plans forever. You can modify or upgrade your top-up plans anytime you want to suit your needs. If you need massive data plans for your office meetings or unlimited minutes for chitchatting every now and then, we suggest that you check out Now Mobile top-up cards today.

Easiest Way to Recharge Your Now Mobile Number

If you are an existing Now Mobile customer and often find yourself in trouble topping up your phone, here is the best way for you. Choose Al Giftcrads today to top up your Now Mobile anytime, anywhere. We aim to make recharges easy for today’s busy customers by shifting the control to your hands. All you need to do is enter the Now Mobile number in the designated box, choose the amount you want to recharge, and pay with your credit or debit card. Your Now Mobile will be recharged with the exact top-up plan within a few minutes. Be it monthly plans for unlimited voice calling and data, small top-up cards such as UK Plan 10 or Data 5, you can choose the best online recharge vouchers at your convenience. Plus, stay connected to your friends globally with the cheapest international minutes for more than 250 countries with Now Mobile international top-up plans.

Best Now Mobile Top Up Cards at al giftcards

Now you have the liberty to choose when and how much you want to spend on your Now Mobile top-ups. With our wide array of Now Mobile recharge options, you have no pressure to buy a lump sum top-up card every month anymore. We allow you to choose exactly the amount you want to allot to your phone bills. You can select the top-up card on your own and pay for that without any hidden costs or extra convenience fees! From unlimited data packs, free minutes to affordable international calling cards - get everything you want from Now Mobile exclusively at al giftcards!