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    Send phone credit home or Top Up your own phone with our easy, fast and secure mobile recharge service.

Online Mobile Recharge in India 

Online recharge can be confusing at times when you need to input more values and constantly check whether the amount has been credited to your mobile number. Well, that is where al giftcards is different and unique. Providing you with swift and instant solutions for your mobile recharge online or top-up options that suit you the best, we make all the prepaid mobile plans instant and easy. We understand that your mobile number needs more recharge for keeping communication easy and simple. We have come up with the best top-up and mobile recharge plans that suits everyone who is in need of an instant good prepaid plan for their mobile number. Get your mobile recharge done in a jiggy with us and stay connected with your loved ones or colleagues. 

Online Recharge Is The New Wave 

When you are looking for online recharge options for your mobile number, you can easily select from all the online prepaid options that the network operators have for you. You can also go through the wide range of prepaid mobile top-ups that the telecommunication partner has to offer you. Most of the users and customers are shifting to online recharge due to the convenience and time saving features that you can avail of. Online Prepaid Mobile Top Up is not only convenient but also brings you many recharge offers that keeps your online recharge pocket-friendly. The new wave of prepaid mobile recharge is preferred by customers and users for several cashback offers, recharge offers and perks that you can get hold of. Phone Recharge in India is made easy with our three to four steps of getting recharged on your mobile number. 

Perks & Benefits Of Online Recharge in India 

We offer you top up and online prepaid mobile offers from network operators like BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, and Jio. Get the best of data, phone recharge, talk time and more such facilities with an online recharge in India. All these operators have created a niche for themselves by serving users and customers with a plethora of benefits that you can recharge or enjoy the benefits of your mobile phone number. With easy and simple steps, you can now get your online recharge done in India by following three to four steps. First, select region as India when you are looking for the top up or recharge option. Enter the recipient's number in the box after selecting the network operator that you are currently using. After you enter the number, ensure yo input the amount to avail recharge offers and online prepaid recharge for your mobile number. You can pay via your credit or debit card and unlock exclusive benefits and perks along with the recharge you are opting for.