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Hulu: A binge watcher’s dreamland

Binge-watching has become a regular practice of Gen Z. We keep moving from one series to another, waiting for the new movie to release, and guess what, there are also watch parties both online and offline. To cater to the needs of all Binge watchers, with a huge collection of movies and shows, one of the best OTT platforms at the moment is Hulu. 

This platform has undeniably some of the best content one would watch. The subscription provides not only early access to shows and movies but also has live streaming.

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About Hulu

Launched in 2007, Hulu is one of the top-rated streaming services available in the US. Hulu gives its users access to a library of films and television series across various networks such as ABC, NBC & FX networks. Hulu also provides access to Hulu's original programming. Users can now enjoy thousands of movies, series, and innovative originals like The Kardashians, The Dropout, Life, and Beth, and the long list continues.

Know the difference between Hulu Basic, Premium, and The Live TV option

Hulu provides its users with 3 different types of subscriptions. With a basic subscription, users can enjoy all the popular streaming shows that Hulu has to offer with occasional commercial breaks. However, with a premium subscription, users can enjoy ad-free streaming.

With the live TV up-gradation feature, Subscribers can now enjoy more live channel streaming with just a few clicks.

How Hulu is different from other OTT platforms

Hulu is popular for streaming its popular shows on the platform. However, when compared to other OTT platforms, Hulu offers more when it comes to network TV programming.

On which devices is Hulu accessible?

Hulu can be accessed through various Hulu-supported devices and can also be streamed on almost all smart TVs, Apple TVs, iPhones, Androids, Xboxes, and many more.

With the unique feature of Hulu, you can also enjoy binge-watching with your friends staying abroad. Isn't it amazing? Watch any Hulu account on up to two screens simultaneously. The Live subscriber can also opt for the Unlimited Screens add-on and enjoy watching it with family and friends.

Know the expiry date of your gift card

You might be worried about the expiry date for this particular gift card, but Hulu plus gift card has no expiry date, you can redeem it at your convenience.

Difference between Hulu Plus and Hulu

The US-based OTT platform started off as a free service streaming platform where the users could watch everything free of cost. Later Hulu launched its first paid subscription model called Hulu plus, which provides its users larger access to the streaming library.

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