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    Send phone credit home or Top Up your own phone with our easy, fast and secure mobile recharge service.

Connect to the World at Large with Du Online Recharge

Du mobile services have been a famous choice in the Middle East for their fast and hassle-free telecommunication facilities. If you are already a DU user, you do not need to be convinced about this amazing operator. But if you are currently using another network but utterly dissatisfied with the quality- check out Du mobile recharge for a better experience in your life. From steady network connection, clarity, wide coverage to unlimited perks- Du has a wide array of qualities to be applauded about.

The best part about using Du is that you can enjoy uninterrupted calling services anytime you want when you have the opportunity to make Du Online Recharge on your own. Choose al giftcards for doing your Du mobile recharge in a few seconds and connect with your loved ones all the time. 

Du Mobile Recharge On the Go

Recharging your mobile number is really an easy job now as you have the liberty to choose your preferred top-up card directly from our website. Instead of finding a convenient store nearby to credit the balance on your Du number, you can recharge your Du prepaid number on your own now. Du has strong network coverage all over the United Arab Emirates, so it helps you and your family to stay connected at all times. And, your moments of fun conversations over the phone would never come to an end when you have the easiest way to recharge your Du mobile connection. al giftcards brings to you a ready platform where you can find all kinds of Du online recharge plans for you and your peers. 

Hours of Talking with Du Online Recharge Plans

We understand the necessity to keep in touch with our friends and family members. To make communication easy for you, we have designed the most amazing online recharge services for Du prepaid numbers. You can recharge online with AED 10 only or opt for a bigger recharge for unlimited hours of gossip and stories. At al giftcards, you would be lucky to enjoy amazing deals on the top-up recharge cards with Du home plans. To add life to the latest smartphones, buy postpaid plans from DU. We also show exciting opportunities from Du, where you can refer a friend and earn extra data on postpaid plans. 

Choose Al Giftcrads to Recharge Your Du Numbers As and When Needed

Why bother running to telephone stores to recharge just a minimum top-up on your Du network connection? Here at al giftcards, we make sure that you keep on communicating with your loved ones without any hassle. You can enjoy this facility anywhere in the UAE when you have a functioning Du network connection. Just place your number at the designated box, choose your preferred top-up denomination and proceed to the payment. Your online Du mobile recharge will be done within a few seconds only! Happy calling!

DU Top-up Limit


Receive 7 top-ups


Receive 734.00 AED


Receive 40 top-ups


Receive 1101.00 AED


Receive 50 top-ups


Receive 1836.00 AED

For additional questions, you can leave us a message here, and we will get back to you shortly!

Happy shopping!