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Cricket PaygoA (Operator Service Fee Applied)
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Stay Connected With Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is one of the fastest-growing cell phone carriers. With the wide range of services that Cricket Wireless offers you, the network connection is never hindered and the recharge plans are super pocket-friendly. You can choose from high-speed internet services along with unlimited talk time facilities, cloud storage, unlimited streaming of your favorite shows or web series online, and so much more. Browse the Cricket Wireless plans and choose from the great value offers, or nationwide 5G access, whichever suits your lifestyle and life. With Cricket Wireless connection, you can also get added device protection, mobile hotspot, data streaming, etc. Cricket Wireless Recharge follows no annual contract, no overages, and monthly tax inclusion for all customers over the world. 

When you purchase or give someone a Cricket Wireless recharge or top-up, it can be instantly used as soon as you provide the personal details and make the payment. 

Wireless Experience Made Awesome With Cricket Wireless Connectivity

With the fast-paced lifestyle that we all live in, we are continuously browsing or looking for a stable connection that gives us the best of data, unlimited calls, national and local messages, and so much more. You can also select and purchase devices from the Cricket Wireless store. The Cricket Wireless Store houses top brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and more such devices that make your life super easy. No matter which service you need, the Cricket Wireless team is on it and ensures it gets delivered to you. From flexible payment options, methods, to top-up plans, Cricket Wireless is here to assist you throughout. When you opt for a Cricket Wireless data recharge, you can access the 5G network that covers the entire nation, message without a pause, stream web series or shows on your devices, and speak freely without limits. Moreover, Cricket Wireless Hotspot is the fastest and most efficient among all Also, Cricket Wireless gives you added perks and benefits sponsored by their partners to keep you smiling throughout the day. 

Be A Part Of The Digital Era

With so many added perks when you indulge in digital connection everyone is opting for a digital life that is seamless and paves the path to reach your loved ones faster. At al giftcards, we take digital connectivity to the next level, with added perks. You can now recharge for your friends with just a tap and swipe of your hands. Skip the long queue at stores, and indulge in instant recharge, and top up the balance with the Cricket Wireless data and top recharge offers. With so many denominations, you can settle and choose the Cricket top-up amount that suits you and your friends the best. Once you have filled in all the details and made the payment, we instantly credit the recharge amount to your or your friend’s network account.

You can connect with Cricket Wireless Customer Service by calling at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) - Mon-Sat: 9 am to 9 pm ET.
Sun: 10 am to 9 pm ET.