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    Send phone credit home or Top Up your own phone with our easy, fast and secure mobile recharge service.

Mobile Top Up in Bahrain 

Looking for the best mobile recharge plans and top up is tiresome as well as confusing. Hence, we bring you the best network operators under one roof, where you can select the network operator or telecommunication partner you use and simply credit the required amount to your mobile number. You can choose from STC Viva or Zain operators as they are one of the most trusted and flourishing companies when it comes to online recharge in Bahrain. Once you select the operator Zain or STC Viva, you need to enter the mobile number and within seconds, your online recharge amount will be credited to your phone number. 

At al giftcards, we keep mobile recharge in Bahrain simple and easy with STC Viva and Zain mobile numbers.

Online Mobile Top Up In Seconds

At al gift cards you need to follow a few steps to get your credit and recharge done in a few moments. To recharge your Zain or STC Viva mobile number, first, choose in between the two network operators and telecommunication partners. For example, if you are an STC user, click on the box that shows STC Viva and enter your mobile number. After you have provided the details, choose the amount for your recharge to take place. You can pay via your bank credit or debit card to make an online transaction. We also help you to send credit balance to your friend via our website. Pay through our secure payment gateway and wait for your recharge and service on your phone to be activated again. With our fast service, recharge and top up in Bahrain is a matter of few seconds.

For additional questions, you can leave us a message here, and we will get back to you shortly!

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