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Embracing entertainment by Shahid VIP Gift Cards

Shahid Originals include long-form material (full TV hour) and short-form series (8-15 minutes) including drama. Shahid Originals also contains premieres. These first-view exclusives from the world of film and television broadcast on Shahid VIP in advance of MBC tv channels. As a Shahid VIP member, secure payment via a gift voucher will allow unrestricted access to blockbusters, award-winning shows, live TV channels and the same-day US series from Disney, Space, Toon, FOX, Marvel, Star Wars and more.

Shahid VIP Gift Card is a Gift of leisure for your loved ones

If your family and friends are entertainment fans, you should consider sending them the new Shahid VIP gift cards. Shahid VIP Digital Gift Cards open doors for pure entertainment and limitless fun. From Shahid VIP's original pre-films, TV shows, and movies from around the world, you can instantly access digital entertainment from anywhere. All you need to do online is buy a Shahid VIP eGift card online through our website and redeem a Shahid VIP code gift card by subscribing to one of their media plans.

Why is the Shahid VIP eGift card the best gift? 

Shahid VIP eGift cards are a new variant to today's gifting list. Anyone who enjoys movies and web series in Arabic would be more than excited to receive a gift like this. If you want to send something very special to family members, relatives, colleagues, or acquaintances on various occasions, you can always count on Shahid VIP gift vouchers. Keep your family and friends entertained with the latest episodes of The Voice or enjoy the great range of the Egyptian, Gulf, Turkish and Bollywood shows.

Transfer the present of the gift card at ease

At al gift cards, we have a supportive platform to purchase Shahid VIP gift vouchers online. If you want a gift card from Shahid VIP to be sent directly to the recipient, you only have to select the gift card number of your preference, provide the necessary info to make the payout. After payment is made, the transfer of the Shahid VIP gift card will be completed immediately. The gift vouchers are available in multiple denominations to provide the privilege of choice to our customers.

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